What sets BAS apart from other billing companies?

Services tailored to your needs, personalized service to you and your patients, experienced and certified professional staff, and our 50+ years of experience with working with patients to resolve their outstanding medical bills.

How quickly can we get set up?

This depends on which insurance carriers you are currently contracted with, but in most cases, we can get you completely set up and begin filling claims for you in 5-7 business days.

How do we send claims to you?

We want to make it as simple as a click of a button on your computer. We use AdvancedMD software which is integrated with over 100 PM/EHR applications, and if yours is not one of them, our software provider can build the integration. If integration is not possible, we recommend secured electronic file transfer (SFTP) but fax and mail will works as well.

What happens after all insurance parties have responded and there is still a remaining balance?

We will bill the patient and if we don’t receive a payment within two weeks from the billing date, we will call the patient (with your permission) to remaind them about the balance due and collect the payment. Our patient representatives know the importance of patient retention and collecting the balance due. They are very good at what they do, and as a result, your charge-offs will be dramatically reduced.

How am I billed for your services?

We will send you an invoice once per month for our commission on the total collected along with a detailed activity report.

What type of reporting do you provide?

We can provide you with the information required to fully understand the state of your practice. We don’t want to burden you with reports you don’t need so we work with you to determine the reports you’d like to have. Typically we provide reporting on payments and charges, accounts receivables, reimbursement, procedure code analysis, insurance analysis, payment analysis, bulk pending issues and denials. We provide daily, weekly and monthly reports, thus keeping you updated on all aspects. Our comprehensive reporting helps in:

  • Diagnosing the health of your practice
  • Monitoring real-time claim status
  • Proper financial analysis and comparisons
  • Tracking payments from insurance

In addition to the reports we sent you, our management follows key performance parameters for your practice and will alert you as needed. If we see opportunities for improvement, we will let you know.

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